Gourmet Gone Wild events introduce the concept of conservation to urban foodies interested in “locavore” eating and sustainable living by bringing the conservation message to the table, literally.

Gourmet Gone Wild is an outreach program designed to introduce young professionals to hunting and fishing in an innovative way: tasteful and healthy cuisine. It often goes overlooked that wild meat and fish are some of the most “organic” and “free-range” food choices available.

This program highlights the health benefits of eating wild game while also emphasizing its connection to environmental stewardship, sustainability, and conservation. Currently, the majority of hunters and anglers in Michigan are over the age of 40. Gourmet Gone Wild caters (quite literally) to young professionals and families in urban to suburban environments.

Gourmet Gone Wild (GGW) events feature professionally prepared wild game dishes, local beer and wine tastings, and cooking demonstrations. These events articulate the relevance of wild game to the “locavore” movement and place an emphasis on the possibilities of cooking with these proteins. Some GGW events go a step further and encourage participants to try hunting and fishing first hand. We aim to create a new, contemporary perception of hunting and fishing in which the emphasis is shifted away from tradition and towards the pursuit of sustainable, local, and delicious protein. Through this method of outreach, we hope to create a new generation of conservationists and outdoor enthusiasts.